2013 Tapping World Summit

The 2013 Tapping World Summit is an outstanding free online event starting tonight, February 4th. Brought to you by the creators of the documentary The Tapping Solution, this summit features 20 experts in the field of tapping (also called meridian tapping or Emotional Freedom Techniques [EFT]) discussing how this highly effective modality can be used for a wide range of issues, from anxiety to chronic pain.

Tapping is such a valuable tool for us to add to our personal repertoire. It works on the body’s natural energy system through repeated tapping on energy meridian points while saying key statements. The result is a release or calming of the emotions and even a removal of blocks surrounding particular issues. In the simplest terms, it’s acupuncture without the needles—it calms down the sympathetic nervous system’s flight or flight response and helps to diminish difficult emotions and stress. It works on most people.

In fact, tapping is being used in the treatment of PTSD in some veterans (see story here). This tool is gaining attention for its results and diverse applications.

Personally, I have found tapping to be very effective. It’s one of my favorite modalities. Even if you are skeptical, I encourage you to listen to the summit sessions. They tend to cover issues we all deal with. The documentary The Tapping Solution is a very good introduction to the work and how it impacted the lives of a diverse group of people. Trying really is believing; you can tap along with the event experts and see for yourself.

To register for this event, click here. Tonight’s interviews will be available until tomorrow night, with each day’s sessions available for the following 24 hours, as well.

Check out this video of event host Jessica Ortner giving a quick explanation of how to tap:

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