To me, creating whole health means working to achieve balance and well-being at all levels, including physical, emotional, and spiritual (I’m still learning what that means), and living in such a way that promotes the health and well-being of others, the environment, and non-human animals. Everything is interconnected.

This blog is a natural extension of my health journey, particularly my efforts in the past two years to take back my health, heal my body and my life, and shift or release what has been holding me back. I’ve been seeking the answers and tools for my life for a long time and have re-dedicated myself to this search after taking a long detour down an unhealthy road.

I’m on my way back from morbid obesity and unhealthy eating habits. By incorporating green smoothies and more plant foods into my diet, I lost 50 pounds in 2012.

I love learning about food, nutrition, natural health, and modalities for healing physically and at deeper levels. As I’m on my path to physical and emotional well-being, I want to share what I am learning through this platform.

The information in this blog is from my personal studies of health topics. I am not a doctor or dietitian, although I do have a B.S. in General Biological Sciences and I work in health care. In the future, I may receive formal training, but my focus right now is healing myself and sharing the knowledge I gain. The content of this blog is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice from a qualified health practitioner (see DISCLAIMER).

This blog is geared toward plant-based eating. I believe that a whole foods plant-based diet delivers the highest level of protective compounds while also being environmentally sustainable. As I’m studying The World Peace Diet (affiliate link) by Dr. Will Tuttle, I am also learning about the social and spiritual effects of what we eat. It resonates with me to eat compassionately, sustainably, healthfully, and spiritually by means of a plant-based diet. I hope to keep developing recipes that make me and others enjoy eating vegetables since they are so crucial for our health.

I am a Vitamix affiliate and have included an Amazon Associates store for my favorite products and tools on Amazon. Commissions on any sales of the products help out with the costs of operating the site.

—Kelli (B.S., RPSGT, RST)